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Since 1994, ecommerce has become a major part of our day to day life for selling and buying products online. Nowadays almost 80% of Americans shop online. this indicates how online ecommerce  is the most popular and easy hassle free marketplace platform. In Ethiopia online shopping is not widely recognized yet but in the future Internet accessibility will be growing and online shopping  will have a big popularity and demand. By keeping this in mind we have created Prodvast where Ethiopians all over the country can sell & buy products right from their mobiles or computers without the need to meet a seller or a buyer in person. We plan to make Prodvast the largest online shopping platform in Ethiopia.  

We will push the limits to become the first and largest online shopping website in Ethiopia.

By working hard to pass challenges and obstacles we set a 5 to 7 years goal to be recognized as the leading ecommerce platform in the country. 

Customers are the backbones for our business success so we make sure each & every customer is satisfied of our service

By Improving our website design, helping sellers and buyers facilitate their transactions we will work our best to make sure we delivered the best customer service possible. Now is the time to start selling online and make money.

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