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Frequently Asked Questions

To place orders on Prodvast you need to create account. having account will give you the benefit of managing your orders, accessing all your purchase history, get special deals, process returns & more

We accept bank transfer payment. You can pay to your orders you placed on Prodvast by sending your payment to one of our bank accounts listed on the checkout page.

The shipping methods used by Prodvast sellers are DHL & Ethiopian postal service. We will send you a notification that indicates which shipping method is used to ship your orders.

Once your order is shipped it may take 5 - 6 business days to receive it depending on how far you live from the original location where your order was shipped.

Sellers on Prodvast have their own return policies. If you want know the return policy of a specific item you purchased from a seller refer to their return policy or contact the seller for more information. If you purchased a product sold  & shipped by Prodvast we will refund your money within 15 days of purchase.

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